by Robert Elam

Editors note: ARPA wishes to thank Robert Elam for his support of ARPA at the Twin Lakes Gun Club Gun Show. ARPA needs more dedicated members like Robert supporting our State Association. Thanks Robert!

Saturday and Sunday, March 7 & 8, the Mountain Home area saw it’s first gun show of the year, hosted by the Twin Lakes Gun Club. ARPA had a table flanked by the local Veterans Council and the White River / Mountain Home chapter of Friends of NRA. I’ll certainly be joining the FNRA. Annual banquet is coming up and those people know how to eat! And they like to have drawings for guns!!

I did have three people introduce themselves as ARPA members, one new one from the gun club to whom I had talked to at the last meeting. Perhaps the biggest thing that struck me was how few people had ever heard of ARPA. After handing out all of the brochures that Ann sent along, as well as about sixty membership applications, many more are aware of us and what we represent. I even had a few promises to join.

The recent events in Virginia are still very much a hot topic in this area, and interest in political happenings is almost feverish. Personally, I see this as a good thing. After all, WE are in charge in this nation. The government is to serve us. That will not work, however, if we don’t take an active part in the process.

In closing, let me ask a favor of you. If you have the time, and a gun show or other related event is coming to your area, please consider getting a table or booth and helping to spread the word about ARPA. When we approach a Senator or Legislator, they look at our membership numbers as VOTES. That carries weight. We have banners and other materials that we can supply. Toss bite size candy bars on the table. People are more likely to stay and listen to you rather than take the candy and run. Sneaky, huh!?

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